My work at Egon Zehnder and numerous conversations with executives have inspired me to found my company. I was often told during conversations that my work approach is different, that it helps other achieve progress.
I eventually realized that my personal secret of success was my unconventional background. My defining influences are psychology, business, systemic work, insights into different corporate cultures, and my own mental hygiene. Thus, I am aware of what it takes for an individual to achieve change and advancement.



Success is granted only to those managers who have the courage to tread new paths. To look behind the curtain. Take responsibility for themselves and their decisions. Executives who turn the focus on themselves when challenges come along and who resist the temptation to put the blame on others. Who understood that leadership is more than just expertise. That the captain of a ship not only knows where his/her ship is heading but also acts and communicates with compassion.
It appears that today all that counts is the "what", and that the "how" is no longer relevant for power and success. But that is only half the story. It will suffice in the short run, but will not last long.
True innovation - whether it affects the individual or the company - necessitates a symbiosis of the "what" and the "how". The truth is never black or white. The truth is nothing extreme. It requires the courage to open one's eyes to the world around.  To accept other opinions. To couple the rational with the emotional. To balance the "what" and the "how".
Only then will success ensue. Only then will one be able to bring about lasting change. And sustainable success will become possible.


Think further. It’s up to you.